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Nutrition is key to healthy development and learning, for that reason we encourage children to have a good relationship with food early on in life to ensure it continues into their future. It is important that children consume nutritionally sound food and beverage in appropriate quantities during their time at eduKare.

Our menu plans have been specifically developed according to the “Get up and Grow: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Guidelines for Early Childhood” from the Department of Health, Australia. Our menus rotate every 8 weeks and are planned to ensure that they meet daily recommended dietary requirements. The meals are made up of a variety of food options, including meat (or meat alternatives), fruit, dairy, cereals and grains and vegetables. Meals and snacks are prepared freshly onsite by our chefs, who, where possible source local produce. We stringently follow the Australian Food Safety Standards, and we fulfil each child’s individual dietary or cultural requirements.
At mealtimes our children and educators sit together and bond. It is a pleasant time where children come to the table to eat with their friends when they feel they are ready.