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About eduKare

edukare is the birth idea of a group of parents, educators and healthcare professionals who wanted to bring to early education a new model where there is a dedication to nurturing and supporting life long, curious learners in a stimulating, “home away from home’ environment. Where each child learns to love learning and gaining Knowledge, where Kindness becomes the heartbeat of every gesture, and where recognition of the smallest achievements is celebrated (Kudos). The name derives from the word eduKare, Latin for education. But we have chosen to replace the ‘c’ with K, to remind us of the 3 principles of our model.


K is for Kindness

We encourage children to care for and to be kind to one another, to have a gentle and friendly nature. We teach children to share, be considerate and respectful.

K is for Knowledge

At eduKare, we support children to gain knowledge through familiar experiences and encourage them to have a growth mindset, to take calculated risks and try new challenges. The children may hesitate at first, but within their limits, we will continually scaffold and guide them until the experience is positive and there is an understanding of new concepts.

K is for Kudos

When your children have achievements, no matter how small or great they are, they should be recognised and celebrated. Children are encouraged to recognise, respect, and admire their peer’s achievements also. That positive recognition, Kudos inspires children to continue to try to achieve. This creates a positive culture among the children and families enabling them to continually support one another.

Traditional divisions between “care” and “education” services have not always been in children's best interests. eduKare is an integrated service that is a coordinated, holistic, multisectoral approach to early childhood development and learning.

Our Philosophy

The eduKare - Early Learning and development centre is warm, welcoming, and caring. We strive to become an extension of each child’s home, allowing them to feel nurtured and secure.

At eduKare we use stage based, child-centred educational methods that allow each child’s education program to be individualised. Children thrive as they can follow their interests and be challenged at the level that is right for them.

We respect children as capable and active participants in their learning. We recognise their voices and their decisions creating a sense of self-worth and confidence. Self-confidence allows them to readily build relationships.

To cater for the holistic needs of each child, we value the triangle of child-educator-parent/carer partnerships based on mutual respect and open communication. This partnership allows us to link the child’s home and interests to our prepared and organised environment, encouraging a sense of security and independence.

We support children to be socially and environmentally responsible both within the centre and the community. We are committed to developing the children’s sense of community spirit, through building strong relationships within the community and helping others in need. We also promote respectful relationships and responding to all forms of diversity with positivity and dignity



Our Goals

to provide

children with the education, support and structure required to thrive during the early stages of childhood.

to provide

affordable, high-quality early education and childcare services for families in the local community

to ensure

every child develops confidence and the desire to be life-long, capable and confident learners.

to encourage

and foster social and environmental awareness and to develop respectful and dignified relationships with all

to empower

the children and families to support the wider community by giving back to Australian children in need through our partnership with The Smith family.